We have slightly tweaked the way you schedule a practice. Please be aware of the following changes:

  • Once the user clicks “Schedule Now” button everything will look as normal. Choose the time and day you wish to practice etc.
  • Click finalize reservation. Once you do that it will ask if you are a new or returning user (new user is a user who is scheduling a practice for the first time using their specific email and returning user is a user who has scheduled practices before with their email address). Choose whichever user you are and then follow the specific prompts.
  • You will now just have to type on your email address to finalize the reservation if you are a returning user. If you are a new user you will just have to fill out the info asked for just one time and then from that point forward just your email address is required of you.
  • If you wish to see what practices you have scheduled or wish to cancel a practice you may log in by typing in your email address at the top right hand corner after you have clicked the “Schedule Now” button.

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.
Oxford Park Commission

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